G8 Capital employs a disciplined investment strategy that capitalizes on opportunities created by the dislocation in markets created by distressed property owners and non-performing borrowers.

This strategy is designed to protect capital while delivering outstanding returns to investors. Due to the firm’s strong record of performance, the firm is uniquely positioned to pursue off-market opportunities with institutional relationships the management team has developed over the past 20+ years.

Following are the four themes to G8 Capital’s Investment Strategy:

Capital Preservation

Protecting investor capital is the firm’s highest priority. The firm focuses exclusively on opportunities where real estate assets can be acquired below current market value or replacement cost.

Deal Sourcing/Relationships

Leveraging long-standing relationships with all major financial institutions as well as a vast network of brokerage contacts has allowed G8 Capital to be very successful in value-added and distressed asset acquisitions.

Opportunistic Approach

There are opportunities in every cycle – G8 Capital seeks to creatively exploit the special situations and inefficiencies that arise in the current cycles and to capitalize on micro-market imbalances to secure investments on favorable terms.

Prudent Asset Management

G8 Capital is committed to creating significant capital appreciation through the careful restructuring, repositioning, intensive servicing and management of real estate related assets.

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